Bills Payment

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Bills Payment


Carry out all your responsibilities on one platform. A platform that allows you to pay for airtime and utilities like electricity, transport tolls, television subscriptions etc using your rewards.

Popular Benefits

  • Convenient and Simple

    Pay your bills with your rewards without hindrance

  • Instant Payment

    Use rewards to pay for bills that will be instantly accepted.

  • 24/7 Bills Payment Support

    Rewards Box provides a 24/7 support. Customers, employees or distribution channels will be able to get assistance on using their rewards to pay for bills


How to Redeem

Select Bill Category

Select the category of the desired bill to redeem from the list of categories provided

Select Biller

Select the biller from the list of billers under the category that you will like to redeem.

Provide Required Information

You will need to provide the required information needed.


Redeem the bill redemption and receive a successful redemption confirmation via email